Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre

An Incredible Feat

Posted by Justin Kiyimba on Monday, August 27, 2012

It has taken seven years, countless hours of work, and determination to succeed in often difficult circumstances.  What started as an idea to combat literacy in rural Uganda has blossomed into a reality of a functioning library and resource centre in Igombe village.  The entire surrounding community is now utilizing the library including teachers and students from the many nearby schools.  The building of the Children’s Library and ICT room are now complete.  This means that the library has a separate section where the children can go and read and the librarian can engage in activities without disturbing the other community centre users.   The completion of the floor in this section also ensures that the library is a clean and safe place for the children to come and continue their learning. 

While the building of such a wonderful centre has been a great success the battle against illiteracy is far from over.  While the resource centre has a place for children to learn and a room for computers, it is still lacking adequate shelving and reading tables.  The lack of reading tables leaves students sometimes using benches to study when there are too many of them.  While the Children’s Library has some shelves it also needs more and small tables and chairs to help the young learners succeed.  With the continued support of those dedicated to eradicating illiteracy, the Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre will be a fully functioning hub of education and learning soon.

Thank you so much to the many organizations and individuals that have contributed to the success of the centre over the years.  The support of organizations such as Book Aid International and individuals from Uganda, Europe, Canada, and the United States, has ensured that the idea to combat illiteracy has not faltered.  With your continued support the library will continue to stay committed to its mission and overall goal to give the rural children of Uganda a fighting chance in obtaining an education.   
The foundation of the Children's Library just over one year ago

A view from the same perspective of the newly finished Children's Library    
For more pictures of the latest developments check out The Centre section 

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