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Big donation of Computers for the Resource Centre

Posted by Justin Kiyimba on Thursday, May 23, 2013

Update: I am happy to report that Book Aid International has raised funds for the procurement of high stand carrels for the 40 computers and 10 chairs. The computers have been installed, fully networked and are now in use. 30 chairs and Internet connectivity to realize full utilization of the ICT Laboratory remains a challenge - Justin, November 2013.

Original Post:

I am happy to inform friends that after searching here and there for ICT facilities to demystify ICT in a rural community, Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre (NSCRC) has succeeded in getting a donation of 40 (forty computers) with accessories from Uganda Communication Commission through its Rural Communication Development Fund. We are once again very grateful to UTRT, Book Aid International and all individual donors for the support they have given to NSCRC which has enabled it to merit this donation. Without this support, it is very unlikely that the Centre’s contribution would have been visible enough to attract support from people beyond this community. We are deeply indebted to these organizations, individuals and all those people from whom funds are raised to support our cause. 

I must say, that some opportunities also come with challenges. Let me mention some of the challenges we face resulting from this very rare opportunity. 

1.Furniture. In order to have these computers benefit the community, we must have them properly installed. This requires tables, forty (40) carrels and forty (40) chairs. I am happy to inform you that Book Aid International is trying to raise some funds for the 40 carrels and about half of the Chairs. 

2. Security 
2.1 SecurityAlarm 
2.2 asecurityguard 
In order to keep this equipment as well as the reading material collection secure, we need to make good security arrangement. Again I am happy to report that Book Aid International has promised to find funding for 2.1 (Security Alarm). However, we shall need at least Uganda shillings 150,000 (Approx. $60)per month ( $720 per year) to hire a Security Guard. It is only when there is a security guard that the security alarm becomes more effective. We have temporarily placed eight computers in the periodical section of the Centre. The remaining 32 are stored away in boxes until: 
(a) we can get the required furniture 
(b) we are sure the equipment will be safe when installed 

3. Internet: We need to acquire and install internet. Internet as an income generating service is one of the ways that will enable us to make the Centre self-sustaining at an annual cost of $ 1,300. This self-sustenance can be achieved within two years at most from the installation of the internet. 

4. ICT Technician: We shall need to train the users and maintain the equipment. The Centre needs to operate effectively and efficiently to achieve the self-sustenance that we are aiming at. We estimate that we shall need Shs300,000.($120)per month ($ 1,440 per year) for the next two years to hire an ICT Technician. 

I wish to mention with gratitude that one of our former volunteers, Mr. Kristopher Schmitz and his family on learning about this Computer donation raised funds to the tune of Shs 1,200,000 (One million, two hundred) for electrical installations in the ICT Laboratory and part of the Children's Library. This work was completed towards the end of April, 2013. 

I felt it appropriate to convey this very good news and challenges to our supporters and prospective supporters. 

Justin N. Kiyimba 

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