Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre

Construction Begins!

Posted by Kristopher Schmitz on Tuesday, December 14, 2010
The resource centre has been very busy in the past week.  From the generous donations we have received we have bought cement, one load of lake sand and two loads of plaster sand.  The builders are at the centre today beginning construction on the floor and walls of the large room.  We have decided that the room should be used as soon as it is done and we are optimistically planning to host a Christmas party there on the 25th of December.  Many people in the community suggested we host a party because Ugandans often will seek out activities to take part in on Christmas Day.  We had an organizing meeting with the youth yesterday and stressed that the party is their responsibility.  They are much more in tune with what people in the community enjoy doing and have decided on most of the activities.  We are hoping to have face painting, miming (where performers lip sync and dance to music), modeling (where people display how well they can walk to different beats), eating contests and dancing contests.  We are going to provide sodas, juice and some snacks for people.  We are also inviting some members of the community to come and sell small goods if they wish.  We have been battling power outages at the centre while repairs are made to the power grid in Jinja district.  Our movie night had to be delayed until we could secure a generator and modify it to run the television and DVD player.  With power returning intermittently, it is difficult to plan weekly events.  We are trying to plan both activities that require power and those which do not.  Thank you once again to all our donors and we are getting closer to our goal of $1500 for Christmas!! 

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