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Efforts to Keep the Girl child in School

Posted by Justin Kiyimba on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

There are persistent reports in this country that when girls reach the menstrual age they start missing school regularly because, their parents cannot afford getting them sanitary pads every month. From missing class, they eventually drop out of school altogether. The rate at which children drop out of school at this age is very high, much higher in the girls than the boys. The problem is more serious in mixed schools than single sex ones. This is because, in mixed schools, boys tend to tease girls every time they see them in their menstrual period.

During last year’s International Women’s Day in March, 2018, the Resource Centre organized a one day workshop where women and teenage girls from upper primary and secondary schools together with their Women Senior Teachers in Buwenge Sub-County were invited to address the issue of helping the girl child stay in school and study during her menstruation period. We got a donation of 60 sets of re-useable sanitary from an organization called as Afro Pads that makes such pads. The idea was very much welcomed by the community and the schools that participated in the workshop.

On 26th January this year, in collaboration with a local Non-Government Organization (NGO) called LOVE. BINTI  we organized another workshop involving women and teenage girls. The response was overwhelming. 

 ... Advised as follows:
  • Acquire some 5 (five) sewing machines
  • Acquire some cheap cloth materials (… knows where to get such materials)
  • Organize a 6days workshop for a group of 100 women and girls.
  • The group will be divided into two sub-groups of 50 each
  • Each sub-group will receive training for 3 days.
  • 10 women and girls will use 1 machine during the 3 days


We have received the following estimates:

Item Cost per item in UGX  Total Cost in UGX  Total Cost in USD 
5 sewing machines 350,000 1,750,000 477
Materials for 100 participants 10  1,000,000 272.50
Travel using public transport for 2 facilitators 50,000  100,000 27.30
Accommodation and feeding for 2 facilitators for 8 days 65,000 1,040,000 283.30
Lunch for 100 participants for 6 days 12,000 7,200,000 1961.20
TOTAL     3021.40

  *Exchange Rate Used 1USD = Uganda Shillings 3,670.95

LOVE BINTI is an organization based in Kampala, Uganda loves every girl to stay at school while in their monthly period.

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