Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre

Exciting Times at the Resource Centre

Posted by Kristopher Schmitz on Thursday, February 17, 2011


The centre has been alive with activity during the past month. The large room, which was dirt floor and bare bricks when Brent and Kris arrived, has now been used for HIV/AIDS and hygiene information sessions, English classes for the adults in the community and school visits.  Our information sessions both attracted over 100 people while the two school visits had 90 students each.  Thank you once again to everyone who contributed to the completion of this room.  We hope this shows that there was a need for this type of service in the community, and now that need is being met.  One gentleman who came for the English classes was extremely excited.  He had rode his bike for about 30 minutes to visit the centre, and told us that one day was not enough and that he would be coming every day!  We have instituted a monthly and weekly schedule to ensure that we are meeting all of the objectives of the centre and the needs of the community.  We have also started community evaluation regarding the information sessions we have had and what people would like to cover in the future.  Slowly we are starting to see people come and visit the centre on a more regular basis.  Our new space has also allowed us to reorganize the book room giving users more access to a wonderful World Book Encyclopaedia.  It also allowed for the 90 P6 students who visited us yesterday to take part in an orientation scavenger hunt.  February is agriculture month at the centre and we are having an information session on the 27th.  We hope to get a local facilitator to help us explain some successful agricultural strategies and how to get small local grants for agricultural projects.  Thank you once again for your support and donations and we update again soon!






Here is the scavenger hunt the children did.

Nambi Community Resource Centre Scavenger Hunt

1.        Find two children’s books and record their title and author

a.       Title: ____________________ Author:___________________    

b.      Title: ____________________ Author:____________________

2.       How many dictionaries are in the library?______

3.       Where was the librarian born? ____________________

4.       How many rooms are in the resource centre?________

5.       Find three novels  and record the title and what year they were published

Title                                                                       Year Published

a.       _______________________      _____________________________

b.      _______________________      _____________________________

c.       _______________________      _____________________________

6.       Who is the author of The Invisible Cure? ____________________________

7.       How many benches are in the library? ______________________________

8.       What newspapers and magazines are bound?______________________ ________________________________

9.       How many windows does the resource centre have?_______

10.     Think of your favourite animal and look it up in the World Book Encyclopaedia.

a.       What is the animal? _____________________

b.      What volume number is it in?____________

c.       What entry proceeds it? ____________________________________

11.      List the titles of three magazines you didn’t know the library had.

a.       _____________             b._______________    c._________________

12.     Find a book you would like to read in the library and record the title, author and publication date. Title:_________________ Author:_________________ Publication Date: _______________________

13.      What colour is the roof of the centre? _____________________________

14.     What is the theme of the month? _________________________________

15.     What happens on Thursday nights at the centre? ____________________

16.     Find a National Geographic magazine and list the year it was published. _____________


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