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National Book Week in Igombe!

Posted by on Monday, October 17, 2011

The resource centre has been extremely busy in the last few weeks!  Uganda celebrated National Book Week from October 9th to October 14th.  All was going well at the centre until Friday morning, when very large rain clouds gathered in the sky prior to the closing ceremonies.  Everyone worried this inclement weather would cause the cancellation of a busy schedule.  Instead students began to arrive at 8 am as planned and continued arriving in big numbers throughout the day! 

Throughout the week our librarian Isa and some local community members organized reading related activities at the centre.  The festivities were numerous and included; storytelling, essay writing, debating, singing, art, poems, reading tents, spelling tests, story writing, drama and an adult reading competition.  Over fifteen schools attended from the surrounding areas of Buwenge, Muguluka, Kagoma and Namalele with students of all age groups.  We hope to continue this enthusiastic activity at the centre with continued partnerships with the local schools and community members.

Nambi Sseppuuya Community Centre also received some special visitors in the past few weeks.  While we welcomed facilitators for the many activities at National Book Week, we were also very excited to be visited by Brent from Canada!  Igombe had missed Brent very much and was happy to welcome him back to the resource centre.  His enthusiasm and passion energized the centre for the duration of his visit.

The centre also received good news regarding its founder Mr. Justin Kiyimba.  Justin was selected by the National Book Trust of Uganda to receive an award in recognition of his dedication and resilience to provide materials for self-development in rural Uganda.   He received the award on October 12th and dedicated it to all the people that have helped his dream of Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre become a reality.  He also reiterated the fact that new opportunities for increased education facilities still exist in Igombe.  It is the work of the community in Uganda and different partners around the world that has made the centre into what it is today.  With your continued support the centre will be able to meet its goals and provide exciting educational programs for its many users!  Every contribution, big or small, helps and will be greatly appreciated by the community.  Please check out all the new pictures from National Book Week in the Photos section. 


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