Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre

New Shelves for the Adult Library

Posted by Justin Kiyimba on Sunday, March 20, 2016

New book shelves have been installed in the Adult Library section of the Centre. Close to 40,000 of the Centre’s reading materials, which have spent more than a year in boxes after being processed, are now safely on shelves and accessible to the readers. This is thanks to the initiative of Katie McEvoy, a Canadian Internee, who has spent six months with the Centre.

Katie has participated in teaching, processing and organizing Resource Centre materials, both in printed and electronic format, as well as fundraising for shelves to have these materials accessible. Those who have been to the Centre before will notice a world of difference if they visit it today.

The Resource Centre is now much more reader friendly. Readers are able to browse for information, education, and learning. The reference section, which includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, year books, and manuals, is now attracting more users, thanks in part to these much needed improvements.

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