Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre

Reading on the Streets

Posted by Justin Kiyimba on Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Centre has also started a Mobile library Service coined, “Reading on the Streets”. The Mobile Library has two sections, a box with wheels for reading materials and mats for readers to sit on. Some readers prefer reading while standing. The second section is a bicycle. The box is fixed on the bicycle and the Librarian rides to a planned location, either a school or a convenient point in the community.

This project was initiated by a Canadian Internee, Nicole Ternoway, who has spent six months at the Centre participating in various Resource Centre activities as well as fundraising for this project. The Resource Centre is now able to reach schools and communities that cannot easily access the Centre’s reading materials due to distance. The Mobile library has caused a lot of excitement especially among children who are unable to access any form of reading material.

We have started a system where pupils who come to read at the Centre can now borrow the books, so that each pupil completes the story s/he has started reading. The books are either returned by the school or the centre arranges to collect them using the Mobile Library. We do the same when a school is visited. The books that are taken are either returned by the school or collected by the Centre’s staff.

Nicole, along with Katie McEvoy, are recent internees sponsored by Douglas College in Vancouver, Canadawho, who just like their predecessors Kristopher Schmitz and Brent Harris, have made a tremendous contribution to the Centre’s development. The Management of the Resource Centre and indeed the people of Buwenge Sub- County where the Centre is located are deeply indebted to Douglas College and the people of Canada for this and other forms of assistance this Centre has received.

These initiatives good as they are have their constraints. One such constraint is the strain they have placed on the small and poorly remunerated staff. An Income Generating Project in form of a residential building for rent is being put in place at an estimated cost of USD 50,000 ( Pounds 34,680) to generate funds in order to improve staff remuneration and recruit more staff. Any contribution towards the completion of this project will be highly appreciated.

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