Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre

The Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre

Posted by Kristopher Schmitz on Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Welcome to the Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre Blog.  We have started this blog in order to inform people around the world what is occurring at The Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre in Igombe, Uganda.  Igombe is located in the sub county of Buwenge in Jinja District.  The resource centre was started by Justin Kiyimba in memory of his late daughter who passed away in 2002.  The Kiyimba family had an idea to create a resource centre in their rural community and create a community initiative to fight illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and disease through the provision of reading & research materials.  The resource centre was a dream envisioned by Nambi Sseppuuya, daughter of Justin, in the year 2000.  However Nambi passed away suddenly before her dream could become a reality. The resource centre was designed to supplement the education system in the rural community.  In Igombe, many people in the community do not have the opportunity for personal growth and learning compared to individuals located close to an urban centre. Therefore, the resource centre has a vision to use the reading materials and services to uplift the community.  The resource centre was constructed in 2005 and has been funded privately by Justin and other small donations.  A German NGO recently installed electricity in the resource centre.  Currently, it has a large reading room, where the books are located, and a smaller secondary reading room many students use to study. The centre’s electricity, a luxury in Igombe, allows students to study into the evening as the centre is open every night until 9 pm.

The largest room at the resource centre has not yet been completed due to a lack of funding.  Yet the library is being organized extremely well by the full time certified librarian, Isa. He has catalogued all the books and has supported the growth of the resource centre.  Many of the books available in the resource centre have been donated by Book Aid International, and vary from educational materials taught at schools to fun reading books and local newspaper periodicals. The resource centre is also supported by The Uganda National Library Association.  Its responsibility is to monitor and support the growth of various libraries across Uganda.  The resource centre has the variables in place to be a central part of the community in Igombe.  If funding can be secured, Nambi’s dream would be closer to being realized. 

Kris and Brent arrived Igombe on October 18, 2010.  Their goal is to promote the reading culture in Uganda.  However, that goal will supported by the growth of the resource centre.  Since arrival they have been travelling to schools promoting the resource centre and discussing the link between books and continuous learning and self-development.  It has been a challenge.  A majority of people in Uganda read only in school for the purpose of passing exams. If they do enjoy reading many cannot afford personal books or other reading materials.  Therefore, a shift in the culture must happen.  Brent and Kris have been informing the community that the materials at the resource centre can improve one's environment, personal hygiene, HIV prevention, family planning and micro finances.
The project has not been provided funding and so another objective Brent and Kris will be focused on while in Igombe is raising donations to finish the building of the centre.  The funding will be processed through a secure online billing account, and reports will be recorded on how all funds are allocated.  All the funds will go directly to the growth of the resource centre. A lot of work must be done. As the project progresses, Kris and Brent will continually document the implementation plans and monitor its success in the community.

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