Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre 

We have created this section in order to raise funds from generous people around the world who wish to support our project.  Even a small amount can make a difference in Uganda.  You will be able to witness the difference your donations are making as 100% of your contribution will go towards materials needed for the centre.  Thank you to anyone who is able to contribute and help complete the resource centre and create a place of constant learning and personal development.                                

Donations go directly to the centre to be used for urgently needed resources

Thank You For Your Contributions! 

The Cost of Items in Uganda

In order to give people an idea of how far their donations can go we have included a list of items with their costs.  All of these items are useful to the centre. 

With the construction of the resource centre now completed, the children's library operational, and the ICT laboratory equipped with forty computers, all fully networked, the following items are now essential for ensuring the centre can be used to its greatest potential.

We are also planning a new multipurpose building to expand the range of activities that take place at the centre.

1. Internet Connectivity: 420$ CAN

2. Painting children's library with attractive pictures: US$260

3. *Fencing the resource centre: US$2,260

4. Water Tanks: ACHIEVED

5. *Sustainable income generating housing project: CAN$1,500

Multipurpose Building

This is a new Income Generating Project in the form of a Multipurpose building which can be hired for social and official functions. It will also serve other Centre activities like Seminars, workshops and training programmes which cannot be accommodated in the adult Library Section of resource Centre.  The building will have two floors. The ground floor will have a Reception, an office, a small dinning room and a Hall to sit at least 500 people. The next floor will have accommodation for 25 people. 

The cost will be in the range of Uganda Shillings 250m (US$89,000), and we welcome any contributions to help us realise this next phase of the Centre as soon as possible. Once completed, the revenue generated should be able to sustain the Resource Centre.

*Items 7 and 14 are a security measure for the equipment and reading materials.

The Resource Centre has a Bank Account in the names of Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource centre. Funds are managed by a management committee which operates with utmost transparency whereby a very cent is fully accounted for. Cheques are signed by the Committee Chairman and the Treasurer or Secretary.

Justin N. Kiyimba

Director/Management Committee Chairman Tel. (256) 772 470 911 and (256) 701 470 911

A Special Thank You From Some Visitors To The Centre