Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre

Movie Nights

Movie nights are held at the centre on most Saturday or Sunday nights.  For a small fee visitors can enjoy a movie and a soda.  The types of films screened include educational films, popular movies and seasonal classics.  The movie nights are intended to be used sometimes to increase   learning in the community, but also to attract new users to the centre and contribute to the financial needs of the centre. 

Information Sessions

The information sessions are intended to circulate more widely the knowledge that is available within the materials at the resource centre.  Although there are many resources available on numerous topics, some members of the community do not utilize these resources. 

Each information session is about a topic that is relevant in the community. While their main purpose is to educate those who attend, they are also intended to serve as a starting point of learning about each topic and garner more interest in the centre. All of the material covered at each session is available at the centre, and so visitors are encouraged to visit after the session is over.  

Themed Months

Each month at the resource centre the activities and focus revolve around a new theme.  The themes are designed to emphasize certain relevant topics in the community.  With each new month the resource centre hosts an information session.  The facilitators instruct on the topic chosen that month and listen to the concerns of the community.  The members of the book club read one book pertaining to the month’s theme.

Craft Club

Twice a month women from the community of Igombe and surrounding areas come and take part in a craft club at the resource centre.  They use the time to converse and make hats, baskets, mats and purses.  They are constantly looking for new ways to share  their wares in new markets. 

Computer Training

There is a lot of enthusiasm among members of the community of all ages to acquire basic computer skills. The Centre runs regular computer training classes to meet this need. We teach Excel, Word and Power Point  to many secondary and primary students! its a big part of our week.

Book Club

The resource centre has recently established a book club which has begun to thrive.  Each member of the club makes a commitment at the beginning of the month to how many books they are going to read and then record the books as they read them. The readers then meet during  the month and share what they have read and what they have learned.  

Each month the book club is connected to the centre’s theme meaning the students have to read one book related directly to this theme.   The purpose of the book club is to contribute to the reading culture in Uganda. It shows users of the centre that books can be read for pleasure, and that many new topics may be explored through reading.  Thorough sharing, it also strengthens the members reading comprehension skills.

Sports and Recreation

Although our space is limited at the centre we still attempt to engage visitors in some recreational activities. While football and netball are most popular, we also engage the visitors in board games such as checkers and chess.  These types of activities have attracted many visitors to the centre who have continued to use the other resources available. 

Adult Classes 

Every Thursday at the centre we hold adult learning classes focussed on topics such as HIV/AIDS, hygiene, English and agriculture.  These classes are designed to ignite interest in the centre within the adult community of  Igombe and surrounding areas.  After the  classes are held the visitors are invited to explore the different books available on each topic. 


Learning with fun: Children washing their hands at the Tip-Tap after using the toilet.


Bicycle Schools Outreach Programme 

Our librarian visits a large number of schools on bicycle providing a valuable outreach service to schools in the local area. The service provides books to over 50 nurseries, schools and colleges. Soon to be added to this Program is a new and shiny "mobile library"!

Cellular Phone Charging

We have begun charging cellular phones at a cost of 300 Ush per day.  We hope the funds raised will be able to assist in the costs incurred while running the centre.