Nambi Sseppuuya Community Resource Centre  

These pictures tell the story of the Centre's construction from 2007 when children were pictured taking lessons on the foundations to the completion of the children's library in 2012, and everything in between! 

Children help move new books into the completed children's library

books arriving at library

Children waiting outside the library door - when will it open? 

The new IT room and children's library with added roof!

complete library

 The IT room and children's library near completion

 The large room with the floor finished and plastered walls

The large room getting nearer to completion

 Construction has started on the second wall.

 Toilet facilities completed for the centre

Foundation Lesson! Children taking in a lesson whilst sitting on the foundations for the children's library 

New books for the completed children's library

boys with book aid box

Justin Kiyimba, the centre's founder, admiring the completion of the children's library  

You can't run a Resource Centre without a Photocopier! It's here ...

 Construction completed on the large room so far 

 Workers starting construction.

 Buying cement in Jinja

The back of the resource centre with the foundation for the children's library and computer room in the foreground

Second completed room at the centre initially used as a reading room